A place of communal growth

The De La Salle boarding school completes the offers of the campus Strebersdorf, which consist of teaching time, afternoon care and tutoring. Educators assist in scholastic matters and accompany young people in their personal development. Shared learning, an open atmosphere for discussion and enough space for leisure and relaxation support this growth.

A place of well-being

Our 10 to 19-year-old students experience a family atmosphere in age-appropriate, spacious rooms with their own sanitary area. The possibility to help design the rooms makes it easier for children and young people to meet their individual needs. Attractive recreation and leisure rooms also encourage community interaction.

A place of games, fun and good mood

The campus Strebersdorf has its own park and numerous outdoor sports facilities, which are regularly used by the boarding school. As a balance to learning, we always strive to offer our boarding school students a diverse range of leisure opportunities and shared activities.




Visiting the indoor swimming pool, playing football, table football; table tennis and billiards ensure exercise; cinema visits, excursions, cooking and film evenings as well as the organization of various celebrations bring a change to daily school routine.

A place of warmth

In addition to unrestricted access to education for all children and young people, it was particularly important to our school’s founder John Baptiste de La Salle to always treat young people with respect, trust and appreciation.

We also want to follow this path with the students entrusted to us. Our primary goal is to take your concerns and wishes seriously and to treat them with the appropriate sensitivity and respect.

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